Two Brothers


What’s the worst a little sibling rivalry could bring? A few bruises and a couple of stitches are all part of the joys of brotherhood! We couldn’t have been more different, opposites in every way. Until wine came into our lives…

Brothers at War Wines began in 2013 with a tonne of grapes and two brothers’ vision to create world class wines with unique expression, using small parcels of exceptional fruit from some of the Barossa’s greatest characters.

While only in their 20s, Angus and Sam Wardlaw could be considered veterans of the winemaking game, having had access to the vast knowledge (and cellar) of their ‘old man’, David Wardlaw, a pioneer of Barossa winemaking. Then there’s older brother Andrew, who started his winemaking career in the 90s and before long was producing some of the first natural wines in the region.

Picking up Eden Valley vigneron Chris Alderton along the way, Brothers at War has grown into an award-winning wine label.

Together, this group of family and friends are looking to the future, adding new varieties and styles to the Brothers at War portfolio and staking their own claim in wine, while keeping a family tradition alive (not without a few fist fights here and there!).

Angus Wardlaw

Born into a winemaking family Angus had a love of wine from an early age, spending time picking fruit and stomping on grapes with older brother Andrew Wardlaw. After his first vintage in 2009 at Dorrien Estate, he was hooked and wine became his destiny. Four years of experience later he started at Kirrihill Wines in the Clare Valley. Angus has a love for the Eden Valley region and believes this region will be the future of the Barossa. His winemaking philosophy is to take a minimalist approach and believes it all begins in the vineyard, if you get this right then the rest is easy

Sam Wardlaw

The older of the Brothers at War, Sam’s love of wine arrived a little later in life. Even though the vineyard was still the place to be growing up, learning all he could from big brother Andrew, it was when just out of school that the bug started to bite when Sam joined “the old man” at Premium Wine Bottlers learning the production side of the industry. His first vintage beckoned in 2009 at Murray Street vineyards, with one of the Barossa’s most famous names, Andrew Seppelt, spending the next six years learning about the winemaking process.

Chris Alderton - Grape Grower

Having grown up on a family vineyard in Sunraysia, Chris gained an appreciation for balancing production and fruit quality. During University holidays Chris worked vintages for some of the biggest wineries in Sunraysia, with roles including grower liaison, cellar hand and in the lab. His studies in Environmental Science have strengthened his understanding of soils and water management. Chris supplied the first tonne of fruit to Brothers At War and has continued to supply quality fruit ever since.